Get ready for interstellar space journey with Commander ENEX

Trade, earn, issue and raise at ENEX.SPACE with uncompromising security and extremely low fees at new DeFi platform Connecting Multiple Blockchains.

    Deep tech partners
    Get your ENX at
    Trade one token for another with an Improved AMM algorithm.
    Liquidity Pools
    Earn 0.30% — to liquidity pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers.
    Space drop
    Introduce your project to community via staking.
    Space Harvest Farm
    Earn rewards based on staking LP tokens.
    Stake your ENX to get 0.05% fees from each trade on ENEX.SPACE.
    Enecuum Token Machine
    User-friendly and fast interface for creating tokens on top of Enecuum Network.
    Add liquidity from connected blockchains.
    Raise funds securely.
    ENX Token
    Trade, stake, earn.


    • 05/2021


      in BIT test network
      Automated liquidity pools provide a simple way to exchange digital...
    • 05/2021

      Liquidity pools

      in BIT test network
      ENEX.SPACE allows you to be a liquidity provider by adding...
    • 05/2021


      in BIT test network
      User-friendly and fast interface for creating tokens on top of...
    • 08/2021

      Harvest farm

      in BIT test network
      Allows users to yield farm $ENX rewards based on staking...
    • 10/2021

      Space drop

      in BIT test network
      It's a place where Enecuum Network projects can be introduced...
    • 12/2021

      Space station

      in BIT test network
      0.05% of all fees added to the Space Station in...
    • 11/2022

      DEX Launch

      in Enecuum network
      Launch of the AMM DEX platform in the Pulse network...
    • 07/2023

      ETH<>ENQ Bridge

      in Pulse network
      Tabula cross chain bridge will connect Ethereum, BSC and Enecuum...
    • 10/2023

      Code audit

      Complete inspection of the source code for compliance with the...
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